Taking a New Turn Toward Failure

Hey. I’ve just thought of another way to fail at blog writing!

Love poems and stories!

This is the best idea, I’ve had so far. Just think of how I can write some Mumbo Jumbo about him and her, or her and his two dogs who are on vacation together, then fate strikes, or a car runs one of the dogs over, and they can’t tell them apart? What happens next? Do they fall in love and go sailing on Dream River together, or do they have a lover’s spat at the vets’ and end up holding each others hands, and the dog’s tail, hoping that he survives to tell his tale, tail, or something like that?

Who in their right mind would want to hear about my love poems? Love from a 60 year old fart! Hey, get real and smell the chicory! I might be attractive to the opposite sex, those who are a bit near-sided, and desperate for older, more mature men, but other than that? I’ll just take my chances on my wife….my wife…..Thank God, she doesn’t read this clap-trap, or I’d be in a worse position, uh situation, than I already am, having been married all those/these years!

Where was I? Oh yeah, Love!

I’ve tried my hand at writing that kind of prose, prosa, poetry, jumbled words with love thrown in, and other similar things. What do you know about love? You might ask….Well, not much. I’ve been married, and yes there was Love involved back then, and I said, then she said, then she claimed that I didn’t say, but I did, only I had my doubts and, what?

Love Poems….Get Real!

Don’t worry, I’ll write one sooner or later, and then the un-following is sure to begin!

I can only hope for as much happiness in doing so…………