Non Response

I think that 2017 will become the year of the Non-Blog. I hope that my efforts will pay off in the end, showing me and the world, that anyone can fail without really trying!

I feel that WordPress has been working against this aim by providing a myriad of ways to promote my blog, making it interesting to others.

Hello? Aren’t you listening?

Things like a link on Facebook? Why would I want to do that to my 13 friends anyway? OK. Some of you might remember my 9-Friend limit, but a few members of my wife’s family seemed upset that I had deleted them as friends? I still don’t like not being able to see all 9 at one time, but in the spirit of Family Peace, I’ve consented to let the others stay, at least for a while.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Facebook. Look here: Perhaps 4 of those 13 friends might do something like, like a post, but that is it! Why bore them with advertising for my blogs? That is counter productive if you ask me! I firmly believe in  the non response  method of discouraging others from reading/following my blog. Does it work? Obviously not, as I still have over 200 readers, which shows how I’ve failed so far at attaining so many?

I might just recommend a non response button for my blog site. It won’t be visible, of course, otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense at all. The fact that others would believe that button existed, would still give them hope of not following my blog, in reverse progressive order!

The next step would deal with comments. I don’t mind the odd comment or two, of people wanting me to purchase their products, or tell me about their lives in Zimbabwe, but those others, who end up in my SPAM filter, actually want to sell me something to help, Increase the number of readers! See what I mean? There is danger at every turn!

I might just change the appearance while I am at it? Something that would say to the world, “I’m not looking for Mrs Goodbar, or This bus stops here”. That would surely tell others that stopping off at my blog, and taking their shoes off to air them out a bit won’t be existing on my site! Why offer them pleasantries, when the whole point is to fail?

If you feel the way that I do, and want me to succeed in failure, then…..well, actually you shouldn’t do anything at all. I hesitate to say other things, for fear that you might just do the opposite, thereby ruining my plans, before I managed to do so myself?

Here is hoping for failure! If not now, then in the ensuing weeks, when I really can make a mess of things, which usually happens without trying.

Good Luck to me…………..




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