What My Friends Say

I’m not one to listen to the advice of others. Just ask my wife, and see how far that will get you!

This year, 2017 has really been a roller coaster ride for me. What with the disclosure of me knowing someone, who my wife didn’t know I knew, and the fact that knowing these things haven’t kept my friends in the know, even those who said that they knew me.

“How could you?” How could I? I think the question here is, How could I, without asking their advice? You see the difference? Well, obviously then you don’t know me, like I know  you. It’s kind of like saying, Do you know Chang Kai-Shek? I mean, who really knows of good old Chang, a question of which might also be asked of his friends. “Did he turn out to be the good old boy that you imagined him to be?” How many of his friends would answer, “No. He disappointed me, and I will never play pinochle with him again!”

Well, where are my pinochle friends today? You see the similarities? That is one of the many reasons that I’ve decided to re-think my list of friends for 2017. Who should remain on that list, and why? Ever done that? Go through something that has been gnawing you for years and years, and finally one day, when you are fed up with everyone and everything, you finally explode and say that you are knowing someone, who everyone else thought you had known for a long time, but wouldn’t say anything not wanting to hurt your feelings, then after finding out about your knowing connection to that person, have decided to have hurt feelings about that?

Well, if I still have any friends left, after they’ve read this blog, then I’d be as surprised as when I decided not to make my list of resolutions for 2017. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, as they say, but there will always be a silver lining in the bottom of the chest that was heaving greatly when I told her that I had told others, that we really did know each other, and make all of their fears into realities, or vice-versa.

How many of you, out there, and I’d like to see a show of hands on this one, how many of you had wondered, if we still would be pinochle buddies in the New Year, especially after the disclosure of yesterday, and of today, and those which you probably haven’t read yet, being all hung-over after that party where the vodka ran out before the orange juice!

Why? Some of you might ask? Pourquoi might be the question on the other side of the pond! Why this and why not that? I would think that if my overseas buddies who don’t know it as yet, everything that my buddies on this side of the Atlantic know, would not want to know me anymore, if that is, they knew me in the first place. “Do you know him?” They might ask each other in French, while playing their weekly round of pinochle. “No, And I wouldn’t want to know anyone, who would know someone, we knew in advance, like he claims to know her!” And then they would put their foot/feet down and stamp on the floor in a very French-Québec way and be upset and all with that knowledge.

“It doesn’t really matter”, as Chang Kai-Shek used to tell his buddies, at least those who still claimed to be his buddies, and not his false-buddies who were probably jailed somewhere for life! I won’t think as hard on my buddies here in Denmark, if they would just put their doubts and insecurities aside and stop asking, “Warum” if they were speaking German at the time, or “Hvorfor” if their talk tended to be in Danish instead.

Let us not stand on convention and continue to be pinochle buddies way into the depths of 2017, and not worry about which False Steps, I might have made in the fading hours and minutes of 2016. Remember, while I was spending time with my thoughts in the wee hours of 2017, then my French Québec buddies would still have been toasting to my health in the fading minutes of 2016, when we still were friends,  even though they didn’t know me and I didn’t know them.

And that is just one of the things, that this life has given me in knowing you…..



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