Not Wanting, Admitting To

OK. Here is my list of resolutions for 2017. What? Late, some might say, but then they have said things like that before, but in being late, then I’ve had the chance to reflect a bit more, before revealing my final list, which is my only list, and which I’ll now make up as I go!

  • Less of what I used to do, but more of the same
  • Admitting to what everyone knew I’d done, but not me, myself before threatened with the truth
  • Wanting change, but fearing redoing what I never got to finish in 2016
  • Releasing exciting and informative blog material, just not on this site
  • Writing witty and lovable blogs under an assumed name, which is not my own
  • Sweeping up old blogs, but not tossing them into the bin, before I’ve recycled them
  • Telling as many truths to my readers, as my guilty conscience permits
  • Not wanting to write a blog a day, without deleting what I wrote the day before
  • Telling about my addiction to caffeine-free tea, while sipping double strength coffee
  • Not telling others that I am hopelessly in love with someone, who they don’t know, and neither do I
  • Trying to write blogs of a confusing nature, but keeping track of my lies, so that I can explain, why I wrote such silly stuff in the first place
  • Wanting to visit some cold place, not necessarily the dog house, where I often reside, while the dog lives inside, looking out at me
  • Being unfashionably late, after telling everyone that it won’t happen again, while I am enjoying life in another place, far far away from where I said I’d been
  • Writing things like resolutions for people who stopped reading them at line 2, or perhaps not reading them at all, and who have gone on to better things in life
  • Waiting for a sign from above telling me that I really do know how to write blogs, and not just because someone in Canada keeps telling me lies, that I do…….

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