I Told My Wife

Dear You

I told my wife about you today. Yes, on this first day of 2017, I finally admitted to knowing you and your ways, in ways that she didn’t know that I knew you before.

Confused? That’s what I asked her, when the look on her face said something of too much orange juice and not enough vodka during last night’s party. She looked at me in that way that she had looked at me before, but not before knowing that you had known me in another way, which didn’t have to do with vodka and orange juice, but sitting on your veranda sipping Pinot Noir, and wondering when she would find out about us.

“Have you known her for a long time?” which is what she said before we started to look funny at each other and wonder why the vodka ran out before the orange juice? Yes, I admitted to having known her, but not in the way that they knew each other in the old or the new testaments, which would mean that I knew her and she knew me, but then my wife wouldn’t want to know me, or about me anymore.

You might think that all of this is very complicated, but then I have never visited Montréal before in my imagination, and never with my wife along asking about knowing and not knowing!

The next time, I visit you and your cat, and your surplus of Pinot Noir, then I will kindly ask my wife not to invade my thoughts in inopportune moments, when I might think about knowing you, and your fine collection of red wine.

Here is hoping for the best wishes for you in the New Year, and the next time you uncork a bottle of the red, then think of me, won’t you?

Sincerely, Him

PS. When you do manage to pull the cork out, or unscrew the bottle, whichever the case might be, then I wouldn’t be thinking of my wife if I were you, otherwise the whole mess will start all over again……


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