Danish for Beginners, Just Backwards

I love backwards things, like old computers that everyone else has thrown out, because they were old, useless and generally not pretty anymore.

Some might say that last statement typifies this blog, but the jury might still be out on that one?

Here is your Backwards Danish Test for the last day of 2016.


If you want the answer and think/believe that it is coming in 2017, then you might just be disappointed. The answer lies in 2016, cleverly hidden in one of my older posts!

Or not, or perhaps in one of the 300 or so, which I’ve deleted?

It doesn’t really matter, for all of you who don’t like/care to look back in time, the answer might just be a Zen Riddle, without an answer.

Everybody say, “Om, OM,  OOoooooooooooooooMMM.

Or, not…..


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