“All I want is to be Happy again.”

What is happiness? Is it wanting to be how it felt the last time?

He/she made me happy, and I want to be happy like that again. What if that person is not capable of doing so? What if those happy times have gone past, and won’t return?

Being happy should be a state of mind, instead of a feeling that someone wants to attain. All I want to be is happy again, might not be attainable, if being happy is connected with something that has happened in the past.

What if happiness is connected with falling in love? Do we need to fall in love every day, or is that feeling meant to be kept alive, in order to be “Happy” again? I remember that feeling, that lighter than air way of being, but who can maintain that level of well-being constantly? I couldn’t and it was a pure roller coaster ride, if I recall correctly. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that form of happiness should be set aside for it’s own good, and not worried about again until that event occurs again.

Why all this worry about happiness? Well, when I asked a dear friend of mine, what she wanted out of life, she replied, “All I want to be is happy again”. I hope that she gets what she is wishing for, but I think that happiness is more of a way of life, than a permanent state!

I want to be happy as well, but unless I’ve found some miracle cure, or drug that keeps me that way, I’ll just have to be satisfied with my general “happy” demeanor, and enjoy the other “Happy Highs” when they come my way.

Here is wishing happy thoughts to all of you now and in the years ahead!