When I moved to Denmark many years ago, I noticed that my allergies had disappeared – poof!

My sister in-law told me that was due to living in Paradise! After some time, my allergies returned when I had adapted to breathing the Danish air, and eating its food. I mentioned to my sister in-law something about Denmark being “Paradise”, which made her remark, “Which idiot told you something like that?”

Living in Denmark is not exactly paradise, so I’ll just call it, This Side of Paradise instead. Why bring it up in the first place, you might ask? Well, it seems that some people live and dream of this place, as if it were heaven on earth! Dream on Baby, if you can.

Last year I wrote a number of blogs about Christmas, Danish Style, as well as what the Queen does around this time and how New Year’s Eve is. I also made a 50% list of my resolutions which may or may not have come up to 50% of the truth, but that is left for others to decide.

Desværre – Unfortunately,  I won’t be doing the same this year. You see, this year is actually the same as last year, just with another number. Christmas in Denmark is well-rehearsed and acted out, which also looks, feels and tastes the same. Some might want me to say that Christmas is really Fab, or Narly, or perhaps, Groovy, but I feel more like it is a carbon copy of last year’s events. What, Carbon Copy? Well, you see boys and girls, before there were copy machines, there was….what? No, TV might have been black and while and there weren’t any cellphones, and….what? No, that was even before the Cosby Show….what? That was back in the 80’s and early 90’s, when….I’m not getting anywhere with you youngsters!

It doesn’t really matter, because someday we’ll look back on those times and say, “Those were really the good old days”. Even if they weren’t, but if you are nostalgic about the good old days, and my blogs from last year, you might be able to find them in the folder called, December 2015?

I won’t promise anything, as I tend to get bored from time to time and start deleting old blogs, throwing away obsolete computer parts, and wondering if I’m ever going to hit the lottery, big time? I guess, I’ll need to buy a ticket once in a while to help things out a bit?

Anyway. For all of you who still think that Denmark is at the end of the Rainbow, and that the sun shines out of my belly button, then more power to you! It just becomes another place that doesn’t resemble the Tourist Denmark, that some have visited and have returned home, gurgling and gushing about it being, Paradise on Earth. It tends to change, when the bills need to be paid, and the taxes seem to increase regardless of who is running the Country!

I’ve already Ho-Ho-Ho’d a bit, but I wouldn’t want to wish you a Happy New Year until it actually happens. Living in this Side of Paradise makes things like the future uncertain, and I wouldn’t want to jinx things, by saying something that wasn’t true anyway!

The warmest greetings from This Side of Paradise!

-wherever that might be……..