We used to look forward to sleeping in the same bed. We used to.

There were the years, when we just held each other close, and told each other that we could overcome any- and everything, as long as we were together.

Troubles were there, and still are.

Now it seems like we only talk about them, then shake our heads and wonder if they ever will get better.

I go to sleep earlier, while she comes in later. We have different cycles, her being a night owl, while I being an early bird. Those two birds can never reconcile their differences, I’m sure.

I awoke last night and discovered her gone. I’m not even sure if she was there in the first place. We have gotten good at thinking about a good night’s sleep, just apart from each other. I lay awake for some hours, reflecting about our lives together, and how they have changed over time.

I guess, we used to do a lot of other things, but those have changed over time. We see different TV programs, and have different ideas about how to use our leisure time. There are probably a  lot of other “used tos”, but they seem less important than dealing with them in the same bed.

We now talk about separate beds in separate rooms. She knows others that do the same thing. It’s normal for people like us. That’s what she has heard, and has come to believe things from others, instead of from me. Don’t get me wrong, as we are still together, just in another way, than when we started out together.

We used to do things differently, that’s all………