Reverse Blogging

You know how it is with the best laid plans? Well, blogging is no different in that regard.

I wish sometimes that I only had one blog to write my very exotic and sought after thoughts in, but actually I have 4. It is like work in progress, but which doesn’t really progress at at all.

I have this site, which was the first one, and which still carries most of my faithful followers, most of which have chosen to hide in the shadows, and not using their leisure time to brag about what “he wrote about today!”. I’m afraid that I’ve become something of a has-been to many of those 200+ followers, which is OK in itself, as long as I know that they don’t really care anymore!

I really should brag about everything that I’ve accomplished, you know like writing 50% blogs about Copenhagen, for example. Why 50%? Well, there is always the chance that there is a grain of truth in what I write, and 50% sounds like a good lie percentage, that others could tell their friends about?

What about the other 3 sites, some of you might be asking yourselves?, but only those who have made it past the second sentence!

Traveling Down My Inner Ear has stagnated, which is why I’ve called this blog, “Reverse Blogging”. I should have finished writing about my travels to the USA many months ago, but have been bogged down in Yosemite National Park. Mind you, it isn’t a bad place to be bogged down, but a bit of my 50% credibility factor might not keep my ratings up, unless I finish that puppy once and for all!

The No Bark Zone was made, because I thought the name said it all!


My 7 followers have made it all worthwhile, but I have considered dropping it due to the demands it has placed on site number 4.


Someone told me that advertising about site number 4 might help it out, but let’s not go overboard, OK?

Having no followers is not necessarily a negative thing. I have after all posted 3 blogs with no interest whatsoever, which is more than I had expected to attain!

I have also tried to delete some of my less interesting blogs over time. I might have been up over 1000 blogs, but who wants to look at those old things anyway?

The criteria: less interesting blogs might also be something to discuss, as most of my many followers might just consider the remaining blogs worthy of that title as it is?

One resolution for 2017 might just be to blog less thereby increasing the level of excellence?

Less blogs = more contentment.

You see,  I am thinking of my followers all the time…………………


3 thoughts on “Reverse Blogging

  1. so……..just tell me this……….where in tarnation are you going to actually be blogging? this wandering from one side of the universe to the other trying to find a post is about to waste every drop of starship fuel I own! And they say women can’t make up their minds! sheesh! so……….which one do you wish me to follow (and DO NOT say the one you never write anything in Bucko!)


    1. Why none of them! That was an answer to put your teeth into, false or not? The beauty of reverse blogging it that one or more of my sites might just disappear, like number 4, so if that is distressing to you, then you might as well begin crying about that! Yes, I am distressed, you might say, but I know not over what?

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  2. sweetie……I have a question for ya? Just how much akvavit have you been ingesting over the holidays? or was it Glogg? or is a Danish drink not cool for a not dane? these things confuse me…and I rarely cry unless it is at a hallmark commercial. OH, there’s an idea for blog number five! do nothing but hallmark commercials…well maybe one of the budweiser ones but only if the horses are doing something cool.


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