The second day of Christmas, 26 December is a Holiday for most, but not all.

This day, might be the day of Christmas get togethers, Family or friends, or combinations of them all?

In my wife’s family, this day has turned into a family get together, with fun and games of course.

Pakkespil – loosely translated as “Gift/package game”

Everyone brings at least 2 packages, wrapped. The value is usually minimal, but the wrapping paper makes it look like a million, you know?

All of the “pakker” are put at the middle of the table. 1-2 cups, like those used in Yahtzee, are passed from person to person, with each containing one die. In the beginning, anyone/everyone who rolls a 6 is allowed to take a package. This continues until all of the packages are taken. Now a timer is set, with only one person knowing how long, or short that interval is.

The rules change. Every time someone rolls a 6, a package is allowed to be stolen from one of the other guests, but when someone rolls a 1, one package is passed to the person at your left.

When the time is up, the packages in front of you are yours, and the opening begins.

I’ve tried to take pictures along the way, from beginning to end, to show how many “possible” wins, I might have had!

Let the Games Begin!


Nope. Not an incorrect photo. Just been cheated out of my package!


Cheated again!


Luck didn’t seem to be with me, but there was still love?


My daughter’s packages looked good to me!


Someone had just rolled a 6. Not good for me!


The person to my left, my daughter was doing OK.


We tried not to end up with the packages with red colored wrapping paper, as those were our own gifts. I ended up with these two, and look what was inside:


candy, chocolate and a glass Christmas ornament.



My daughter’s winnings.


More paper for the recycling container!

That ended Fun and Games on 26 December 2016.

Want to play along next year? The party might just be held at my place….

We’ll see in 2017!