Mom, Kate is Teasing Me Again

I used to think that Kate was my best friend, but she teases me too much.

I told my mother, I don’t want to play with Kate anymore. Not ever. Not anymore Kate. No way in this world. No one who treats me like Kate does, at all!

I said it, and I mean it, and no one can change how I feel!

Mom just said, “What about inviting her over for milk and chocolate chips cookies?

No way in the world. Nope. I don’t want to call her my friend anymore. No way!

Mom replied, “If you don’t invite her over, you won’t get any cookies!”

I didn’t like it, when Mom was like that. She always knew how to get me mad, and this was no exception.

I went outside and kicked the dirt a bit. Darn Women! First it was Kate teasing me about being her boyfriend and all, then it was Mom, making me pick up my underwear from the floor! Darn Women.

I told Kate, that even though she was special to me, I didn’t think we should be having to hold hands and stuff like that. It was all right climbing over fences and throwing mud at the walls, but I had to draw the line somewhere. She only wanted to do those things with me to get me to admit to being in love and all that stuff, which I’m not.

She tried to snuggle up close and all, right until I could smell the bubble gum on her breath. That made me feel all ooky and everything, and I even considered putting my arm around her. Just then, Mom called out of the window about my favorite TV show being on and if I wanted to invite my little friend in with me?

Little friend! What did Mom take me for, a boy or something? I just kicked the dirt and started to walk away, when Kate yelled after me, “Hey, what about me?”

Sheesh, Women and all that stuff! I might as well just kill some time, climbing on those big rocks near the breakwater, all alone without bubble gum smells and all that icky stuff. Life used to be easier before she done moved in from Canada and all!

“Hey”, she called out again, “What about some of those cookies?”

I guess, that breakwater and the Seagull poop could wait another day, when there were no cookies. Women just don’t understand about that important stuff, like us guys do!

Cookies and girls! It might work, but only as long as I am in control of the situation, and Kate doesn’t think that she is the one who decides and all.

Women, Sheesh!


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