TV Shows Around Christmas

Danish TV is no different than other places in the world, around the Holidays! Why show something new, when you can re-use the old stuff, if no one is at home to watch it anyway?

Tonight, for example offers “Lord of the Rings – 1”. I think, I might have seen that once or twice? And then there is Ice Age, and Alone Home 1-25. I’ve seen a few of those too!

On New Year’s Day it’ll be Pretty Woman. It’s been on at least twice in 2016, but my wife can see it anytime!

Oh, and Bridget Jones’ Diary was on the other night. Blue Soup really appealed to me, and I just looked it up on the net:

If you are like me, then you can’t wait to shove the Turkey leftovers aside, and get the blue dye out for this one! There are warnings included and a few swear words if that helps?

Other than that, I guess, I’ll just have to ride the Holidays out, until something new shows up?

I guess, I forgot to mention Indiana Jones. He was shown last weekend, then the Star War’s films, three at at time, over a few weeks, then “Sex in the City” movie, a few times, then….

It doesn’t really matter. I am not the one calling the shots, and the number of channels showing useless programs doesn’t help by choosing the larger and more expensive package, as it only has more channels with worthless programming!

Here is my parting shot with the night’s offerings:



Not too useful, unless you understand Danish, but if you did, then it would be all the more less-useful by understanding it!




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