The Last Present

Being the last present under the tree, it was overlooked by the others. They had seen their names on the wooden Christmas tags, and had picked the largest of the presents first, hoping that their name would be there, because after all the biggest presents are the best, aren’t they?

The last present under the tree belongs to me. When I opened it, I knew at once that it was exactly what I had wished for, and hoped that I could receive the same again, next year.

You see, the last and best present of them all was your friendship. It’s not as if I had kept it wrapped up all year, because I had taken it out and admired it many times on many occasions. It was, and is the most special thing in this life, as it always was there, when I needed it, even though I tended to neglect it from time to time.

It is one of those unconditional gifts, which keeps on giving. It didn’t require AA-batteries, or a protective cover to keep it new. It didn’t need to be renewed, or ordered on the Internet, but it was there for me to enjoy all the same.

When the others had left the Christmas Tree to do their own business, what with new gadgets, and clothing that needed to be tried on, my present was still giving to me, as if I never had opened it at all.

I’ve had presents like this one before, but this one has come to me in 2016, which makes it the most special gift in more recent times. I have tried to treat it in the proper way, but I admit to having tested and tried it, and neglected it a few times that I thought I might lose it in the end. Hopefully, it has withstood the test of time, and continues to satisfy my needs to the fullest extent of the word, Friendship.

I only hope that I have given the same consideration to the giver of this gift, and hope that I can do as much for her in the years to come.

My favorite present of 2016 – Friendship!



2 thoughts on “The Last Present

  1. See? You’re not a Grinch… I knew it! *wink wink!* 🙂 Beautiful post… I hope this gift will get renewed for many years to come…. Glædelig Jul, min ven! 🙂


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