What was in my Christmas Stocking?

This year hasn’t been that good to me -Stocking-wise. That’s OK, as I am not much one for the Christmas Ho, Ho, Hos, like the others around me.

Today, being Christmas Eve Day, is one where the family is at home (finally) waiting and enjoying the minutes and (Ow!) hours until the big event. Even though the kids are a bit bigger now than they have been in the past, they still enjoy celebrating Christmas in Denmark!

I’ve take a few photos to show you all, what the day is starting to look like, while the rain pounds down outside. I’m really glad we washed the windows the other day!


Oh well. It does make my hard efforts look good, regardless…



The last presents have been wrapped.


And the rice pudding is on the stove, on low heat.


I’ve been instructed to stir, many times. Many, many times.


Oranges with whole cloves. A Danish Christmas Thing!



Christmas Dog. Note the green and red blankets! Very theme orientated.


Almost a parting thought from Denmark,

But wait!

What was in my Christmas Stocking?


Why Christmas Socks, of course! It says, “Life is too good for boring stockings!”

God Jul fra Danmark.


Oh, by the way. That, “God Jul” changes to “Glædelig Jul”. God Jul – Merry Christmas is used throughout December, while Glædelig Jul – Merry Christmas again, is wished upon others from Christmas Day 1 and 2.

Another Danish Thing. This time from the churchs’ standpoint, and what is traditionally said.


God jul hører december til, mens glædelig jul ønskes fra juledags morgen og anden juledag.

Source: http://www.kristeligt-dagblad.dk/bagsiden/forskellen-p%C3%A5-de-p%C3%A5skehilsner



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