Skagen’s Art Museum

Have you gotten tired of Skagen yet? Funny, but I never do. Mind you, it is not that often that I am in Skagen, but the once a year visit, is usually a memorable one!

Today, I’ll be showing you the museum, home to the best collection of the artists that made Skagen famous.

Here is the usual Google Maps Screen Shot:


with Skagens Museum being the focus of today’s blog.

The museum has gotten a face-lift, and was officially inaugurated in February 2016. Here is an article for all of you Danish Danophiles out there:

Now then, to be sure everything was on the up and up with my visit, I asked at the main desk, if taking pictures was allowed? No, it was not, but taking photographs was – lucky for me….

Here is a YouTube video found on the Museum’s Website, showing how 454 pieces of art have been placed on the walls after the re-build.

Here is a look at the website:


Found at this address:

Now that all the other niceties are done with, I have some photos of my own:


And if you’d like a different angle on the subject, then try out this photo below!


I just can’t get enough of the Artists of Skagen, but you might not know them as yet:

The really special names of note are: Krøyer, Ancher and Drachmann. These artists are responsible for making Skagen what it is today!

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