Christmas in Copenhagen

Or not, but I couldn’t leave you hanging around doing nothing could I?

I wish, I had a lot of Christmas in Copenhagen photos to wow you with, but the fact is that when December comes around, I mostly spend time in Aalborg, just to please my wife and kids.

OK, and my boss and the creditors, and the local merchants who rub their hands, when they see me coming.

How could I disappoint them?

and my dog. Almost forgot about him, but I didn’t.

Then, there is of course Christmas Eve with the family.

and my mother in-law who will be celebrating “Jul” with us this year.

I wouldn’t want to miss out on the predicted wind storm that might be hitting us in Aalborg on the 25th, with the usual, not nailed-down things in the backyard flying about.

and the birds who have come to rely on me to feed them in this cold time.

My deceased father in-law would have served cookies and brandy/sherry on Christmas morning, which is a tradition that his father started, which I came to take over.

and who would be doing the dishes, and emptying the dishwasher, then filling it up, then emptying it again, ad infinitum.

And to enjoy seeing the panic as the stores open again on the 27th with people packing the stores, stocking up on everything, they could not do without, as if we had been snowed in for the last 3 months, or something?

and to help my family, including the dog, eat the Christmas leftovers: the roast duck, and baked ham

So you see how important it is to remain in Aalborg, while the usual Copenhagen Christmas will occur anyway, with or without my participation.

I’ve actually visited Google Images for my parting shot, just so you won’t be cheated out of Christmas in Copenhagen:


Source: Google Images


Sorry, but there is enough of that kind of thing out there, for the rest of you photo people, I’m sure…

Ho Ho Ha Ha………………..



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