147,153 Million Kilometers

That’s how far the sun is away from me today, here in Denmark.


I didn’t just think that number up, but found it here at: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/denmark/aalborg

They were nice enough to show me how few daylight hours there were to be had today, and that the sun set 2 minutes ago at 3:40 pm (15:40).

In 2 days it’ll be….You know?

I’ve taken a few photos to entertain you with, showing the lovely day – pragtfuld in Danish, and my Danish wife’s decorations in and around our house.

The apples in the trees (for the birds) were my own addition to the festivities, and we are being (trying to anyway) by not having our tree inside the house until Christmas Eve. That is partly due to the dog, who has never played with such a thing before, but has done so with everything else!

My wife is satisfied with the level of decoration (Pynt), but if she had started earlier in the whole process, we might have been even more inundated with Nisser (elves), Engler (Angels) and candles, candles and more candles (lys).

One popular Christmas item is called: Nissedør, which is an Elf’s Door. It is seen near the bottom right, and shows a ladder, door etc, leading….somewhere.

I’ve been working on the endless lists of my wife: Clean this and that. Hang this up and put this out and don’t forget…..which I probably have forgotten, but will be reminded on again when she returns home from work.

God Jul fra Danmark, if that is not understandable, then we always have Google Translate!

PS What have I wished for myself for Christmas? Why nothing at all. I’ve had a trip to the USA and a nice birthday party with family and friends. I even made/gave my wife a new Cellphone for Christmas, no secret there as she had to order it for herself, with my help!

But rest assured, there will always be a present or two under the tree, because…well, because we are in Denmark, and no one should go without, no matter how fortunate I think I am anyway. I too am  being guided by these traditions and all. No fighting the tide on this one, I’ll lose every time…..