Visiting Skagen, Denmark

Everyone needs a bit of sunshine in the dark of December. Skagen is known for its light, and that is what attracted painters and artists to the Northern tip of Denmark and what made them and it famous.

There is a newly rebuilt museum in Skagen, Skagen’s Museum, but that will have to wait until next time to show and tell.


Source: Google Maps

I guess, I should mention the Church had been overcome by sand. It didn’t happen overnight, but since its construction in the late 1300s, it only lasted until the 1700s before the sand won out and the rest of the church (except for the tower) was dismantled and its materials sold off. The floor, alter and Christening font is still believed to be under the sand, but it has never been excavated to find out for sure.

This information was taken from this site:

But as so many other things in Denmark, it is after all in Danish.

To finish off this blog, I’ve included a few photos taken earlier this year at the church and surrounding countryside:


Another Tour Guide in Green Jacket. Being followed around at touristy sites is something that one needs to get used to in Denmark!


The harbor at Skagen in far background. Note the sand hills between the trees and the harbor.


Inside the church, stairs. Either looking up or down, you choose.

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