What is happening in Skagen? Nice Girls and baked goods:


Danish a bit rusty? Here is a translation:

Krage’s Bakery – Skagen
Café and Confectionery

Coffee to go – Soft Drinks – juice
warm chocolate – lovely sandwiches
grilled – sandwich – coffee latte
party cakes – cappuccino – butter
the best breads and cakes – healthy
salads – pies, also for lunch
with greens in season – milk
large cakes – birthday cakes
cake cutters – cozy Cafe with
Nice Girls – cookies- sliced meats
rye bread – french bread – small cakes
espresso Latté macchiato – newspapers
magazines – and much more

I had to take a photo, when I read the line about Nice Girls…..


Easily visited in downtown Skagen. (Skaa-en – long aa – Skaa+n)


Yellow houses, Art Museums and the odd Canadian Tourist… I was headed to Grenen – the Northerly tip of Denmark.


But, I won’t get there for another blog or two…..