A Day in Northern Jutland – Denmark

Where are we going today, Papa Smurf? Why to the Bunker Museum in Frederikshavn:


The pure romantic feeling of WWII: Bunkers, Gun Turrets, Barbed Wire and the thought of Germans occupying a Sovereign Nation has led me to Frederikshavn on this trip.


Area is under surveillance of Military Police. Hyggeligt – as the Danes would say.


View north towards Frederikshavn


Local Tour Guide pointing out something that he has no knowledge of whatsoever!


Bunkers, Bunkers everywhere!

Here is a bit of info in English: http://www.visitdenmark.com/denmark/frederikshavn-bangsbo-fort-bunkermuseum-gdk599682

Not much if you ask me, but hey! Denmark is for Danes, isn’t it?

Someone else, not me, has made a very short video of this area, with the sound of the Danish Wind in the background:


Next Stop – Skagen!


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