I Never Knew That About Denmark?

For those of you who have booked my February Trip to Denmark, I thought I’d give you a few interesting facts about the Land of the Danes. Not everyone is acquainted with this Country, but this might help to clear the Danish Fog between your ears!

  • Is located in Europe! Many Danes would argue that Denmark is not located in Europe, but rather in Scandinavia. European Purists might then argue that Scandinavia is a part of Europe, but you might have to ask the Finns, the Swedes and the Norwegians if that indeed is true, and since they all have different languages, you’ll have to rely on Google Translate for the answer. Good Luck with that!
  • Is connected to Germany. Connected is a trivial word, which means that if consulting a map, No not a Map App, but a Paper Map then some people might get the impression that there is a common border between these 2, European (see first paragraph) Countries. That Denmark is north of Germany, or Germany is south might be a point of contention? Where are you going? That might be asked of Danes moving in a Southerly direction. Germany? No, not necessarily, but we do expect to cross from Denmark into that largish area to the south! Just over the border are a myriad of stores, where Danish is spoken with the signs being in Danish as well. Why are some people speaking German? Well, obviously to enjoy the cheaper products than in Denmark, even though it still might be Denmark? The jury is still out on that one!
  • Is connected with Greenland. No, there is no land bridge between the two countries, and also no Polar Bears running around the countryside. Yes, if we are talking about Greenland, which is getting greener with Global Warming, but the bears remain white, and no if we are talking about Denmark, where the Polar Bears are locked in their zoos, but still are white!
  • Is a Country where Danish is spoken. You might think that was a no-brainer, but I’ve heard English on occasion, or Arabic, or Polish, which are spoken by some of the population, but only for reasons of confusing the general public. I’ve been asked a few times about my command of the English Language, in which I reply, “I learned it as a child!” which then makes people think that everyone is taught American English, as Children! At this juncture, I can see that my wife is shaking her finger at me, which might be a warning to say that I have once again crossed the boundary between whimsy and reality! Don’t worry, it has happened before.
  • Is home to 5 million Danes! Perhaps some Swedes and Norwegians, and the odd American or two, who have slipped into the Country before the current border restrictions had occurred. Danes tend to speak Danish, and think Danish, which is a challenge for all of those people, be they few or many, who still don’t consider themselves Danes! Misfits, if you ask me!
  • Have a flag, called Dannebrog. Which is red and white. Kind of reminds me of that joke when I was younger, “What is black and white and read all over? The newspaper! Remember that? Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore? That is Red and White, if you’ve forgotten!
  • Have their currency called Danish Kroner. No it is not the Euro, which is the currency used in Europe! See how I’ve proved that Denmark is not a part of Europe, merely by telling you about their currency! Europeans – hah! That’ll show them in those countries to the south, not being Germany necessarily…..

I could go on and on, but what would you have to look forward to in the time until February? Polar Bears, or something?

Signing off from The Land of the Danes…..

That was Denmark….