Don’t Give In – Advice to a Friend

I know that you know your own mind. You have told me what you want out of life, and you seem certain about getting it.

It’s not always easy, dealing with others. Especially when their ideas about how you should be, differ from what you think. I understand that you have been bowing to their wishes, or just putting off what you feel about their opinions of you, but believe me sooner or later you are going to need to face the truth of the matter, in order to keep your sanity intact.

Pleasing others might just be a job without personal rewards. Making everyone else happy, other than yourself, is a lot of work, but not, in my opinion, worth it in the end. You might think that is what I do in my own situation? I think that we all are guilty of doing that, more or less, but in the end you still need to know your mind, and adjust your needs above all others in the end run.

The costs to those around you, might be more than you are willing to spend! You probably don’t want to end up hurting the ones that you love, but you need to remember to put your needs above theirs, if you really want to be happy in this life.

I’ve seen and understood the person that you are, and I know that you have some hard choices ahead. Making them as well as making the ones around you, understand why you do the things that you do, will most like hurt some feelings along the way. I feel, that you need to take some chances in life, and decide how things are going to develop in the years ahead.

Advice is always easy from those who aren’t involved in the same situation as yourself, but you should consider what others have to say all the same. I’m not telling you to jump off a bridge, or do something that will alienate you from your loved ones, but taking a long, hard look at ones life, is a good thing now and again Try to imagine what life, your life, would be  like if you were in the driver’s seat, and in control, instead of worrying about what others do or say.

Take it easy and give it a good think. I am sure that you know what to do, if not now then soon. Do it for your own good, and try to get the others around you to understand your decisions.

Your friend in need…….