A Flattened Christmas Tree – Danish Style

When I met my Danish wife in the US, she told me of how much they (the Danes) went up into Christmas. If only I knew then, what I know now…..

She made all of the traditional dishes for Christmas Eve, just as she had done back home, at much as possible using American measurements instead of the good old Metric System.  What was missing, you might ask? Well, this puppy for one:


This will make any weak-in-the-knees brown gravy, the correct shade of brown! No gravy can do without it! We visited a shop in the San Francisco Bay Area that all of the Au-Pair girls knew about. It had a lot of that kind of “food from home” that they missed terribly in the States.

Christmas Eve would have Roast Duck on the menu, with gravy of the correct color, then sugared potatoes:


Here is one recipe for this dish:

1500 gram Små kartofler
7 spsk. Sukker
70 gram Smør

1½ kg small potatoes, peeled

7 Tablespoons of Sugar
70 grams of Butter.
Then you need to melt the butter and sugar, and add the potatoes, but don’t take my word for how to do it, or you might end up with a blackened mess stuck to your frying pan!
Here is a Youtube video with similar, but not exact instructions.
So where does that Flattened Christmas Tree fit into this picture?
Well my wife, while back in the throes of Danish Christmas in the USA insisted that we needed a Christmas Tree. With that in mind, we ended up at our favorite PayLess Drug and Discount Store, where the very last Christmas Tree was to be found in front of the store, in a largish cardboard box. It must have had a few other trees on it before, as it wasn’t completely symmetrical anymore, but hey! It was a tree, after all.
If the first video about browned potatoes is still running in the background, then you might just see this next one:
It is presented in English, of sorts and tells/shows you how to make these sweet devils in your own home.
So join those 5 million or so, Danes on Christmas Ever, when everyone expects a White Christmas, with their expectations being fueled by one or more predictions along those lines.
Here is the current forecast as of 12 December 2016:
10% is better than nothing, and we are still hopeful that snow will indeed come!
I should add that if Danes have to drive around in/shovel this nasty stuff, then the thought of a snowy Christmas Eve will be fading as soon as the Holidays are over and done with.
Then it’ll be time to send that nasty stuff and our discarded, flattened Christmas Trees, back to where they came from!
Ho Ho Ho