Inside a Castle In Copenhagen

When is a Estate, not a Castle? Watch out this is a trick question. Why ask such a thing, you might wonder? Well, because we are in Copenhagen, of course! The answer is coming later on in the blog, so place your bets now, before I refuse to pay the winners!

Today, we’ll be visiting a Castle named Rosenborg. Why Rosenborg, you might ask? Well, it seems, I have a number of interesting photos from there, and everyone loves Castles, don’t they?

These photos are unique in the way that the lighting, the settings and the, well the whole Royal Feeling that they possess. Some of you familiar with my other photo series from Copenhagen are familiar with my style, but for those people who still have the stomach for such things, I’d say: “Welcome Back!”

On a side note: I’ve removed the poorer quality photos in light of those of you who have objected to their inconsistent quality. I hope you’ll be more impressed with this batch?


What? Overexposed? What kind of talk is that?


What big and drafty house is complete without marble floors, and the bottom of a cane?


Upside Down? No. Think Artistry, and Composition.

Have you thought about my question at the beginning of this blog? What did you say? A number of visitors have left the tour and are looking for the nearest bar! I’d join them, if everyone did the same, but I guess that’ll have to wait until later?


Now we are getting to the Royal Stuff, but being a bit on the blurry side, I’d like you to move your heads side to side to experience the effect!

No, that is not entirely correct. I said side to side and not up and down. I guess, if it makes you feel better, then do what the mood tells you to do, but remember, if the guards, those fellows with the guns in the Royal Cellar, start to get panicky at your quirky motions, then I’ll be moving the rest of the group along to the nearest bar – for required Danish Culture, that is.


Yes, there is a reason for the blurry photos…..but that will require you to sign up for my next tour, “How to reduce your chance of taking blurry photos”!

The main difference between a castle and an estate, is that the castle would have been owned, and occupied by a member of a royal family, or royal house.

Source: (slot og herregård, definition), Google Translate

Some of you are starting to shake your heads again, both up and down, and sideways, which is a telltale sign that we have come to the end of our tour.

If this entirely thorough blog didn’t answer all of your questions, then I’d recommend this wiki:

but don’t be expecting any blurry photos on that site, because mine are taken in a way that not many have been able to duplicate….Lucky for me!