One Lousy Danish Word

I don’t know what is wrong with me? I should have made a list of the 10 most important words in Danish, long before I started touting Copenhagen and my Tours there!

  1. Delig – wonderful, nice, good, a real good feel-good word. “Hun var delig” means “She was nice”. Watch out with that one when with your spouse!
  2. Ja – Ya, means Yes, but if someone asks you a question containing a negative (like – not), then you need to respond with Jo (Yo). Remember 2 jos do not make a yo-yo, unless that was your intention?
  3. Nej – nii (long i-sound), means no. If the woman you are addressing says Nej, then it just might mean No, or Yes, depending on your understanding of the Danish Language, and women in general!
  4. Fint – Fee-nt (long e-sound), means fine, or good. “Det er fint”, “means That is fine/good/all right.”
  5. Måske (mo – long o, + ske) means maybe, possibly, perhaps, which is better than getting a flat “Nej”, but don’t start dropping your pants, until she does, first!
  6. Træt (Tr+ot) means tired. “Ikke i aften skat, jeg er træt”, which means, “Not tonight dear, I am tired!” If only I had a Danish Krone everytime I heard that one!
  7. Sulten (Soo – long o, + ten) means hungry. Some of you adventurous types might be able to combine more than one of the above words when you are/think you are getting lucky, while out on the town!
  8. Skat – just like it sounds, means Tax which is an important thing in Denmark. It might also refer to your significant other, “Ikke i aften Skat, jeg har en anden aftale”, means “Not tonight Dear, I have another date!”
  9. Heldig – (Hel + dee – long e), means lucky. If you aren’t lucky then put an “U” in front of “Heldig” thus making you “unlucky”. The story of my life, let me tell you.
  10. The most important of them all: Træls (Tr+als – r is mainly silent). Lousy. Unfortunate.Bad. “Han var en træls elsker” – “He was a lousy lover!”

Here are a few sentences using these 10 common words:

I thought she was Delig, when she said Ja, but Træls, when she said Nej.

She said that everything was Fint, when we were not together.

Måske she was seeing someone behind my back, who made her Sulten for their next meeting?

She called him Skat, and said that she was the most Heldig potato on this side of the Atlantic, but that just made me feel all the more Træls!

I apologize for using Træls more than once, but I felt that it fit well in the above exercise!!

Bet you can’t wait to try those words out for yourself?……