Nebraska, Been There – Once

Ever visited Nebraska? I did, once.


Source: Google Maps

I was once in Murdock, Nebraska. Ever heard of it?

All of you Cornhuskers know where it is, but what of the rest of the world?

I had to look up another city today, Nebraska City to be exact:


Here it is south of Omaha, which I have also been through, but I couldn’t recognize its skyline, if put to a test!

Why was I in Nebraska, you might ask? Well, for Buffalo Grass.

That might be the usual reply if asked, “Why Nebraska?”, but I’m not sure.

I actually ended up in Murdock, Nebraska:


“Ended up” might be a stretch of the truth, but I did visit this place one late afternoon in September 1991:

They sold, among other things, Buffalo Grass which I decided to take with me to Denmark. Why Denmark, and why Buffalo Grass, well that is a story for itself, and might just end up in a new travel blog, you never know?

I didn’t know about Nebraska City back then, or about blogging, or people who were bloggers living in Nebraska City, writing about life in Nebraska.

There is a time for all things, just as there is for this blog and its roots in Nebraska.

And my long-lost purchase of Buffalo Grass…..