Dragging Your Tails in Copenhagen

A title like that required explanation, some might say?

Far be it from me to dissuade you from visiting Copenhagen. This City is very special to me, which is one of the reasons for spending so much time here. The reasons for basing my Travel Company here in Copenhagen are not particularly known, and rumors that it is to escape the company of my wife back in Aalborg,  are grossly exaggerated!

Why not Helsingør? There is a Castle there as well. Why waste time visiting Hamlet’s Castle when you can visit the Flea Market in Copenhagen, or consider taking the wrong bus to the last place in Denmark, that you’d want to end up in? Are you following my drift? Can you see the 2-dimensionality of this 3-dimension Country? Hello. Is there anyone out there?

No matter. Today I’ve decided to take you to the Danish Stock Exchange Building, Børsen.

Børsen is most noted for its distinctive spire, shaped as the tails of four dragons twined together, reaching a height of 56 metres. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%B8rsen)

That is the official explanation, but the real down and dirty version is the one that has made this, Trip Number 2, most famous.

Consider the tower:


I just love this building. It says it all, without saying anything!

Even though the building is not used as the Stock Exchange anymore, it is still distinctive in its Architecture.

Here is another view courtesy of Google Earth:


Note the shadow of the tower at the lower center of the photo.

Here it is again in 3-D, courtesy of Google Earth:


You see, what I mean? I just can’t get tired of looking at those Dragons!

I realize, though that dragons are not for all of you. Why dragons? Why does he keep showing us dragons? What are dragons to me? – Those are just some of the comments from this tour from those that wanted Unicorns instead!

I do have another photo, without Dragons (and without Unicorns) for the rest of you:


I hope those will help you Non-Dragoners to realize that Copenhagen is not just Dragons, but is much, much more.

Some people come for the waters, while others come for the warmth of February!

Why are you considering coming to Copenhagen?

PS If you answer, “Dragons”, you’ll be eligible for my once in a lifetime, “I saw Dragons in Copenhagen, and wasn’t drunk at the time!” T-shirt for a minimal charge.

See you there…………….