A Danish Delicacy

“What is for dinner tonight?” That is my wife’s usual question when she is at work, but I am at home enjoying a day off.

“One Half Pelican is on the menu today!”

“Ooooh”, my wife squeals on the telephone. “My favorite!”

“Are you sure about that?” she asks, as if I don’t know what I am doing.

“Of course. If it is good for the North of Zealand, then it is good enough for us in Aalborg as well!”

The island of Zealand contains….well, Copenhagen you see. This delicacy isn’t an everyday meal, but comes in special instances throughout the year.

Some of you might be saying, “Enough about Pelican this and that, what about Danish Sky Photos, haven’t you taken any of those today?”

Well, of course I have.

Same cloud? Yes. Of course it is, but what is the same over time? Am I the same person, I was 20 years ago? Probably not.

Back to that Pelican. Danes have a funny way about them. Let’s just leave it at that, instead of me having to comment about Americans, OK?

If it is really windy, you know like “blow off the barn roof, kind of windy” they say that it is blowing ½ Pelican today! Why not a whole Pelican? Who knows?

I wouldn’t like to lie to you, and say that we are having that ½ Pelican, because it just hasn’t happened as yet. I guess, I liked how my wife squealed in the telephone, and hoped that it would come, but other than the normal type of windy, that ½Pelican didn’t show up here in Aalborg.

“Enough of that”, you might be saying. “What about the Danish Sunset?”

Yes, I did manage to capture the last rays of Sunset colors, but only the ones found in my backyard. I hope they can suffice?


See how I listen to my readers and their supposed questions?

If only there was something called 1/4 Pelican, then this blog would draw more readers, than my faithful 5, more or less!

Or perhaps, I should drop all the squealing and windy-bird business, and just keep putting out sky pictures instead?

Write me a comment if that is more pleasing……