One Summer in Denmark

Plot Spoiler – This is about Copenhagen.

Just in German.

Here is the opening explanation:

Auf der Suche nach ihrem Vater und zur Recherche für ein Buch fährt Lena nach Kopenhagen. Dabei verliebt sie sich in den feinsinnigen Mads. Doch bald wird ihre Liebe auf eine harte Probe gestellt ..

For all of you non-German types out there:

Lena travels to Copenhagen searching for her father and to research a book. She falls in love with a Dane, who speaks German rather nicely, named Mads. However, soon their love will be tested in a hard way.

Sorry, if that is not entirely correct, but I was just winging the translation, without going over to Google Translate.

The film has lots of good scenes:

5:44 Entering Copenhagen

6:38 A view over Copenhagen. I’ve never lived so good!

7:46 Karen Blixen Museum

9:20 Christiana

As with all films of this type, everyone speaks German (with a few touches of Danish) as if they know instinctively that they should do so.

14:30 Nyhavn

Then we see Mads at home, speaking German again to his Danish Family. Strange? Not to Germans, I guess.

22:00 Copenhagen at night

Then it turns out that the director of the Karen Blixen Museum is….Mads! What a surprise….

I guess, I could go on and on, but I’ll leave the rest for another blog….

Or not…