If I’m Lion, I’m Dying in Copenhagen

Catchy title, eh?

OK. I’ve been dancing around the truth long enough about Copenhagen!

What? My wife might say. “Is this about that Mysterious Canadian Woman from Montréal again? Have you been arranging to meet her in February in Copenhagen? Is it her?”

OK. Enough about the truth in Copenhagen. I promised you a bit more about that Danish King, Christian IV.

Back in 1577, Bla, bla, bla…..

Nope, I won’t be boring you with the life story of this fellow, as Wikipedia does a nice and thorough job of it on their own (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_IV_of_Denmark), but not everything can be read to be enjoyed!

Here is a bust of Chris:


You can see this for yourself at Rosenborg Castle, in ….Copenhagen, of course! I am beginning to think that some of you have a mental block, every time I mention Copenhagen? As I sit in my home in the other end of Denmark, I send all, or at least some, or perhaps not any thoughts whatsoever to Copenhagen, but believe you me, I know it is out there in the darkness, somewhere (just as I know that Montréal lies in Canada, which is better than me lion about Copenhagen, if you catch my drift?.


In Rosenborg Castle in Cop…..well, you get the idea, there are a number of Silver Lions. In my previous blog, or so, I showed 2 of them. Here is one more:


You see? What has your life been about, before you saw the Danish Lions in a  Castle, built by a Danish King in 15–something or other, ?

You might just drop whatever you are doing, or whoever you are doing and exclaim, “By God, I Wish I Were In Denmark, Right Now!”.

Capitals and all!

But then no blog can be complete without a parting shot from this famous Castle:


I especially like the red thing-a-ma-bob on the other side of the window, showing God-Only-Knows-What it is for, before the Moat, and before the Gardens, and before the views of CopenHeyYouThere-en in the background!

God, How I wish I had been born a Dane…….

I think, I forget one of those lions…….?

Oh well, there might just be a next time. Next time.