Lion Around in Copenhagen

This sounds like one of those blogs that will keep you up at night!

  • Where were you at, when I caught you with that woman?
  • I was Lion Around in Copenhagen!

You see, a statement like that might just get you a divorce!

Unless that is what you were aiming at in the first place?

Anyway, the mighty lion is there in one of those Danish Castles, in….You Guessed It !

Copenhagen Again.

What? Not Copenhagen Again!

Copenhagen might just be the place that some of you want to hate, but isn’t that the way with all Big Cities? Especially for those of us living in the Sticks!

Here is one Lion, Around in Copenhagen:


This Lion was taken at Rosenborg Castle, which was the Summer Residence for one of Denmark’s most famous Kings, Christian IV.

His symbol is seen throughout, yes Copenhagen,


These Buildings came about during his reign:

The Armory, Rosenborg Castle, The Stock Exchange, Church of Holmen, Nyboder Houses (barracks), and the Round Tower, and which still bear his symbol.

I just happen to have a picture of the Church of Holmen, which was in my photo collection without knowing where in Copenhagen, I could attribute it to!


Impressive huh? I even got the head of some resident of Copenhagen in the right foreground, to give it some depth!

If you are still waiting for more Lions Around in Copenhagen, then here is one more:


You see. They are starting to grow on you, as they have grown on me after all those years!

No, I was not the one seeking divorce, but it made a good story, don’t you think?

In the castle there are more things to see, but without bragging too much, then I’ll just let your imaginations run amok, while I find that last lion photo…..


This will really get those of you going, who have been yawning at the first 5 photos or so!

I can’t really remember if it is upside down, as it being digital, I cannot just pull out the old negative, and turn it the right way up/down, once and for all!

I’m being told by my wife that this blog is way too long for the general public, so I’ll be saving the last lion, and King Christian himself, for the next blog.

Sorry, but as they say in Denmark, “The Queen is the King of her own home”, if you catch my drift?…….


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