Sunsets and Sunrises over Copenhagen

Ever seen a sunrise, or sunset in Denmark?

Well, I’ve seen plenty of them, but I’ve been keeping that information to myself, until now that is!

Walking the dog usually happens at those times, and that gives me the possibility to take a few pictures of this heavenly drama!


Spoiler: Just to let you know that these are Danish Skies, but not exactly over Copenhagen!

I’ve stretched the truth a bit to give my Tours to Copenhagen a plug, but hey! A lot of people consider Denmark the size of a European Postage Stamp, then the skies over Aalborg, or the ones over Copenhagen are (almost) the same, you know?

If you feel better thinking that these are Copenhagen Skies, then by all means, I won’t be contradicting your story!


Photographer’s Tip: I’ve found that the best times to take photos like these of Sunrises and Sunsets, are at the beginning, and end of the day! Don’t come too early, or too late, or you won’t be able to call your photos, Sunrise and Sunset! img_6174

I wouldn’t want to spoil you with more than that, otherwise you’ll think that you could save the price of an airline ticket from Canada, or wherever else, and just see all these Danish sites through my blog……

-But that is only half the fun of being in Denmark!