The Queen’s Digs*

*digs, Informal. living quarters; lodgings. (

Where does the Danish Queen live, some of you might wonder? Well tour number 73 covers that subject, starting in Copenhagen.

Why 73? Well, boys and girls, that was the year that she became Queen, when her father the King passed away. That was a hard year for her, I’m sure, but she managed to take her rightful place in Danish Society, and carry on all the same.

So much for the residents, as we need to address the main Palace in Copenhagen: Amalienborg.

For those of you who are late-risers, I’ve included the address here for you:

Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 København K.

Here are the possible routes to take:


Source: Google Maps

I’ve chosen our starting point to be Tivoli Gardens, the World Famous Amusement Park, located in the heart of Copenhagen. Now it is time to choose how fast, or slow we want to appear at the Queen’s Digs, in case she wants to wave to our Tour Group out of the official viewing window?

Here is some interesting information from the Internet:

Changing the Guard /Denmark/Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace is the place to be to see a Changing the Guard ceremony in Denmark

The Danish Royal Guard march from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace where the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place.

The ceremony takes place daily with the guard leaving Rosenborg Castle at 11:30 to arrive at Amalienborg Palace for the ceremony at 12:00.


The tricky thing concerns not only using public transportation, but if the Queen is at home, or not.

  • At home=more pomp and circumstance (marching band),
  • Not at home= Fascinating info about the Royal Cobblestones!

I have a few photos to whet your appetites:


The bottom photo shows how the warm underground currents help to dry the streets of Copenhagen, completely CO2 Free!

I admit to being a bit jealous having to live in Aalborg, but I hope one day to convince my Danish Wife to allow us the privilege of moving over there!

Please don’t mention that to her, as I wouldn’t want to sleep in the Dog House again for my transgressions…….


4 thoughts on “The Queen’s Digs*

  1. I really enjoyed the changing of the guard ceremony back in may… Especially when a mindless lady walked carelessly beyond the imaginary line around the guards. The policemen looking over the crowd started shouting “STEP BACK!! STEP BACK!!” and the lady didn’t seem to notice the fuss… They almost jumped on her to prevent her from doing any harm to the Castle’s guards… And I wondered, “why are there policemen to protect the guys protecting the Castle?” Another Danish mystery 😉


    • Either you have a photo and no story, or a story and no photo. Take your pick, but make it sound convincing enough to make your readers believe, that it is the truth! If it isn’t the truth, then your readers will see right through you, like wearing a dress made of Cheesecloth, then you will have to make up a lie to tell your boyfriend, why you needed to lie to tell the truth. He will then wonder if you have been telling him lies, when you said it was the truth, leaving you rather cold in your cheesecloth dress. Don’t let that happen to you!

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      • Wow, by far one of the best though rather confusing advices I recieved in my life 😉 I definitely will be careful about telling lies the right way, and how not to tell the truth convincingly and make sure to have a woolen vest to keep warm in my Cheesecloth dress… I think that as long as I have my furry socks, nobody will be able to doubt my words, or my pictures, but I guess only time will tell?


  2. He might though say to you, “Honey, I love the way the Montréal Winter Sun shines through your Cheese cloth dress!” That would make lying to all of your readers worth it in the end!

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