A Photographer’s View of Copenhagen – 2

You wouldn’t imagine the (hate) mail that I’ve received since my last Photos-Blog! It seems as if you can’t get enough of quality photos from Copenhagen? In that respect, I’ve been scouring my photo collection in order to find the best of the worst of my memories of this Great City!


I think that the most interesting thing about the above photo is the deep orange color of the Cement Mixer! Notice how it sets the stage between the green of the tree and the blue of the rider.



Some of you might be thinking, “Ducks?”. Yes, that is true, but these are Danish Ducks. All Ducks are not created equal, so think about that when you see Canadian Geese, or Danish Ducks in Denmark.


Perhaps Bumper Cars are more to your liking? If your mother in-law has horned in on your second honeymoon trip to Denmark, try putting her in one of these puppies, then let your aggressions flow!


Typical Bus Stop? Is that what you are thinking? Well, you are wrong! These are Danes, waiting at a Danish Bus Stop in Denmark! You can’t recreate this type of scene in Montréal, even if you wanted to. Note the word, Bus painted on the street to the left. Wow! You might be saying! Bus is the same word in Denmark, even though it is all foreign and all. Yes, there are life’s simple pleasures shown in an otherwise simple photo like this one!



I’d like to give you some kind of explanation, but then not everything can be explained in Denmark. You might notice the sign to the left of those 2 Wiggle Buildings? This was probably taken near Bella Center (Large congress-, conference- and exhibition centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.)

You will probably be like me and want to know more about how drunk the architect was when he dreamed up that puppy, but then they don’t always kiss and tell, you know?



Want to take a boat ride? Here is one that will tell you everything you never wanted to know in Danish, English and German. If you are lucky that is?



This next shot was taken at the very picturesque location known as Nyhavn. I would only have shown the boats and the houses, but my wife said that I needed people in this picture to give it more life! She didn’t think that the heads made the picture, like I did, but then I can’t think like a Dane, even though I live here!

I do have one special photo left, but that will be saved for my next blog!

Vel Mødt!


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