Fred’s Church in Copenhagen

Who was Fred? Well, he might or might not have been a King, but then with the church being unfinished for 150 years, he could have been anyone else called Fred, who had the money to complete it?

You might also get to know it as the Marble Church, although when those folks back in time were squabbling about how to pay for it, how to build it and which Fred it should be named for, made them use Limestone to finish it, instead of Marble anyway!

On August 19, 1894 it was finally opened, and people have been marveling over it since then. Well, more or less, and only if you are into churches. When visiting the local church in Sæby, a town in Northern Jutland, my now deceased Father in-law opted to wait out our Tourist Intentions, by patronizing the nearby bar. He couldn’t have chosen a better way to worship, who ever he believed in at that time!

The Church is a prominent building in Copenhagen, and anyone who is old enough to visit a nearby bar, instead of the church, should be allowed to do so. I would join you if I hadn’t been leading the tour of the Church, so that I too could remember my Father in-law and his questionable religious leanings!

Here are some touristy photos of the Church, but none of the nearby bars!


You can see, how popular it is to visit the church, by the number of Jaywalkers hurrying to the main entrance!


Not all advertising is bad, especially if you’ve seen the above name other places!



Here are the Jaywalkers visiting the interior of the Church to the dismay of the two parishioners, seated in the left front row.


If you can’t guess the rest of the above text, you’ll have to wait until you visit the Church in person, and then ask a Real Dane, what it says, in Danish of course!

Here are some drone shots for you Drone Fans out there:

Here is the official Danish Site, in Danish no less:

and the Wiki in English, no less:’s_Church


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  1. There was a time when we flew via Bangkok to Copenhagen and on to Amsterdam (via SAS) so that Suan can join Mel. It was cheaper than the direct Sin/Ams flight on SQ. So every time we would spend a day (or 2) in Copenhagen to walk the shopping street till Nyhavn. Cannot remember if its the blue room we have our lunches…but if we can we will do it all again!


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