French Onions, Cabbage and Linda Ronstadt

Cry me an onion.

Linda Ronstadt is singing in the background while I peel 2 lbs of onions. 2 lbs of onions seemed like a lot, until I thought, “Hey, it is only 1 kilo!”.


The tough part was those onions. They are getting a bit old and tough, so it made my crying jag all the more intense. That she was singing, “You’re No Good” in the background made it all the more worthwhile, even though the smell of cut onion was beginning to fill the kitchen with memories of past loves, and where it went wrong!

There I was, using my hard earned pay to buy “Heart Like a Wheel” on cassette, or LP, I can’t remember which? I used to use a lot of money on buying such things, way long before I would be in the kitchen, singing into my onion microphone, singing to some girl, who probably didn’t even know I was alive, or even liked onion soup?

I might have been able to come across as one of those type of guys with real feelings, who wasn’t adverse to a good onion-cry if need be! But hey, that was in the 70s where my fading bell-bottom jeans came just a bit too late to score me some of those chicks that my other friends seem to be running around with, while I was crying my onion blues.


White cabbage or Red? That might just be my epitaph when I finally have grown tired of this existence, and won’t care about such things anymore. Now, however, it is still a valid question, which I need to address, before continuing.

Linda is still crying the blues in the background, but when the LP is flipped over, she’ll be singing about “Weeds, whites and wine” all of which probably don’t mix with onion, cabbage soup!

I don’t recall her singing “Cut Onion Medley”,but it might have been a hit, you never know?

I’m not really sure if this blog has to do with cooking, or a statement of an old teenager turned 60, who is lost in Linda Ronstadt-Land, with his hands still reeking of onions?


My Ox Heart Cabbage Microphone!

Now, she’s singing Hank Williams’, “I Can’t Help It, If I’m Still In Love With You!”

Pull out the onions, I’m not done yet with my reminiscing!

I’m afraid the preparation time for this recipe has increased 10-fold, but it doesn’t really matter, as Linda is still tearing out my heartstrings in the background!

“Turn on the stove you oldster, let’s get this show on the road!”

The cabbage is wilting, just like my love long ago, but she and I just couldn’t make beautiful Onion Cabbage Soup together!

“You’re No Good”, sings Linda in the background, which is what my love back then, probably told me, time and again, but I just kept pleading for another chance, img_6165

Another chance like the odd onion for my pleading dog, who didn’t seem to like the smell of freshly cut onions?

The beef bouillon cubes could have been my savior back then, bringing new flavor and energy to my relationship, but when the butter had melted in the pan, I knew there was no going back again……


“Our love is fading, like your beef bouillon cube photo, out of focus, I might add”, she said without taking my feelings into consideration, when she said it like that.

I still had one ace up my sleeve! More salt, Baby? I thrust the shaker her way! Now she would have to decide, if it was sink or swim!

Alas, it was only me and the dog in the kitchen, with the soup boiling in the background. My love was indeed lost, as shown in the loneliness of the dog’s face,


“She’s gone buddy. Face it like a man…”, he seemed to say…


No matter. I added a bit more salt, then took the soup off the stove to cool.

If any of you are thinking about lost loves, who done you wrong, then I’d like you to sing along with Linda,

Believe you me. I deserved, whatever I got…..




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