One Crooked Capital in Copenhagen

Someone asked me recently, if I was tired of writing about Copenhagen all the time?

How could anyone be tired about writing about the Seat of Power, the height of political issues, and the mere fact that Copenhagen governs the rest of Denmark. You might as well ask an American if they are tired of Washington D.C.! What? I’m getting a new message in my headphones about that last statement…..I’m not sure why, but I’ve been told to put that on the back burner for the next 4 years for some reason or another?

“It is just never mind”, a statement that my now deceased Father in-law told me rather often.

In Copenhagen the Capital Building is known as Christiansborg, the central building which houses the Danish Parliament, Folketinget! It is here where the Danish Politicians do what they do best, whatever that is! Being an American citizen, I am not allowed to vote for members of Parliament, or for the Danish King, aka. The Prime Minister.


The other true power in Denmark is the Danish Queen, Daisy. Her power is summarized as such:


HM The Queen takes no part in politics and does not express any political opinions.

Tasks and duties as Head of State

Denmark has a constitutional monarchy, which means that the monarch cannot independently perform political acts. Although The Queen signs all Acts of Parliament, these only come into force when they have been countersigned by a Cabinet Minister. As Head of State, The Queen participates in the formation of a new government.


I usually have my personal photos of people and places in Copenhagen, but the Queen has managed to elude my camera, as yet.

She manages to make her opinion known each New Year’s Eve, when she makes a speech on national TV, and summarizes the year’s events. I really miss watching her moment in the Danish Winter Night together with my Father in-law, who managed to grunt or sigh, or let out a “Nå!” (Danish for “Well!”) at various junctures during her speech. Not being a citizen, nor an native of Denmark, I’ve been told many times, on no uncertain terms, to keep my opinions about the Royal Family to myself, and remember that the  USA doesn’t have that type of thing!

I’m not sure if that is a good thing, or not as with National Symbols comes a price which everyone needs to pay. In 2015 the price tag was $15 million, but don’t think that they just used it on fancy dinner parties and new shoes! They do have the usual Royal Castles and gardens, and that type of Real Estate doesn’t come cheap!

Why be the Queen, some might ask? Well, one appetizing advantage is not having to pay taxes, which my own deceased Father would have understood without having to translate that statement, more than once. He used to wear his favorite hat with an Artichoke on it along with the text, “I Artichoke the IRS”, which some of you might know as the Internal Revenue Service – The Tax Guys in the USA!

She does get to travel about and has the opportunity of speaking Danish, English, French,. Swedish or German, which are handy things to know if you are learning Esperanto, or Toki Pona!

I can see that this short article has grown whiskers and a moustache, which my wife, wouldn’t comment on if I had done something in that way, but we have reached the end of it all the same.

Remember where the true power resides in Copenhagen:


The Folketinget!

Back in Aalborg, it would be called my house, where my wife rules the roost. Don’t tell her that, or it will go to her head……………..