A Photographer’s View of Copenhagen

Wow. I’ve been encouraging the people on my tours to take as many photos as necessary, as it seems that the regulations/restrictions for traveling to Denmark from North America might be changing in January 2017?

It’s probably some sort of political trick that is making people want to move from Canada to the USA, or back again, which has been fueling those rumors, but hey! I’m living in Denmark, where nobody knows your name, as it were!

I’m using this blog to highlight the fact that photos are actually better than postcards, which was pointed out to me on one of my last guided tours by a band of 10 year olds! I am just as willing as the next guy to refuse change, so now I am advocating this type of behavior and am waving the usual Photo Tax for the whole of 2017!

To get you in the mood and show how the Profis do it, I’ve decided to release some of my thought-waking photos from year’s past! Don’t try to copy all of these at once, or you might end up being a resident of Denmark, before you can whistle, “Det er et yndigt land!”.


I realize use of certain photos requires me to inform those people of their participation in this blog, but when they consider the way that they have been used, I don’t expect any further lawsuits against me, like the ones of the previous 2 years!

I am getting a question of sorts in my headphones……What?……

It seems as if some of you are questioning the true photographic value of these photos? One comment was, “Aren’t they the ones that you wouldn’t even show your Mother in-law?”

Of course these photos are worthy! And since you mentioned my Mother in-law, then I’ll just have to pop your balloon of unbelief to say that she too enjoys seeing pictures from Copenhagen, of whatever character. She would being a Dane and all, and that should tell you something about Danes, that you probably didn’t know before!

More of these great photos in future blogs!