More Crooked Castles in Copenhagen

I felt that I should be nice to some of you, who complained that in the last blog on this subject that you developed a queasy feeling and had to lie down with a cold compress on your forehead.

This will be known as stop Number 17 which is odd, just like the first Crooked Castle Tour.

This Castle is actually located outside of Copenhagen, so we will be visiting a local physician to make sure that your shots are up to date, and your passport allows you to leave the Capital City?


This is Castle is a bit on the Crooked side to begin with, and no coaxing with my photo editing  programs have been able to correct the leaning nature of this….What? More mix-ups in my photo collection?

It seems that this structure is not classified as a Castle, but rather a Church! Those fun-loving Danes and their love of their Religion!  This name of this Crooked Tower:

Church of our Saviour.


Source: Google Maps

You might notice that this church is strikingly close to Christiana, where Tour Number 56 is located. This trip doesn’t concern itself with “Pusher’s Street”, but I do admit to having lost some of my flock along the way towards Perdition, while the others chose our Saviour.

We all possess Free Will, as they tell me, so as long as you’ve purchased this trip, and do not owe me money for any additional expenses, then you are free to leave my flock and wander alone in the wilderness of Amager, if you so choose to do so.

As we continue up this Church Tower, some of you might think of how you never knew that a place like this had existed, and further donations to my Charity, “Helping The Lost Souls of Amager” will never go to waste!