Why Copenhagen?

Some of you might be asking yourselves that very question, why Copenhagen?

In the old days, before I knew that much about Denmark, I had to visit my local library in California to check out this Fairytale Country.

Hmm. “Scandinavia in Living Color:”

  • Pages 1-2 about Finland
  • Pages 3-4: Sweden
  • Pages 5-6: Norway
  • Pages 7-8: Denmark

Of those 2 pages on Denmark. One was dedicated to Copenhagen, ½ on The Old Town in Aarhus, 1/4 on Hans Christian Andersen, while the remaining 1/4 covered the rest of the Country!

Now you’ll understand why it is best to concentrate on Copenhagen, instead of those other minor places of interest! Copenhagen and the island of Zealand, where it is located, comprises just 16% of the total area of Denmark, but has about 10% of the total population.

All Danes know these facts, and tell them readily to anyone who cares to listen. Forget Swedes and Norwegians, though, as they feel with their larger Countries and Populations that Copenhagen is nothing more than a backwater in Scandinavia! They often tell off-color jokes about Copenhagen, but things like that just make the people stronger in their beliefs!

The other question deals with the month of February. Why February? you might be asking. Well, in other Countries, there are any number of skyscrapers which block out the available light, especially in the Winter Months. These problems exist also in Norway in the town of Rjukan, where large mirrors have been constructed to add a bit of sunlight to this small town trapped between high mountain walls, denying them light in the winter months.


Well, with its lack of skyscrapers, the sun has no problem, whatsoever, when it rises over the Aral Mountains of Russia, sending its much appreciated rays direct to the people of Copenhagen!

Wait a minute. I am getting a question of sorts in my headphones…..Someone is asking how that is possible that the sun at a distance of over 3000 kilometers can reach Copenhagen when it is limited by the curvature of the Earth?

Look here: http://www.vice.com/en_dk/tag/The%20Flat%20Earth%20Society

That explains it simply for me, and shows me that True and Applied Science is not dead!

Until otherwise proven, I would suggest that you just accept my claims at face-value, and enjoy the thought that there is more sun available in Copenhagen in February than during the middle of the Summer, regardless of your position as related to the Ural Mountains in Russia!

You gotta love those Danes!……….