The Cold North

Today in Northern Denmark, I am thinking of a Winter’s Day.


The weather is a mixture of rain and snow, and with the Wind Chill Factor the temperature feels like -3 C.

It’s days like these that make me think about the warmth of Copenhagen.

What is everyone else doing over there, while I am freezing up here?

Well, they are out enjoying the beach, like they usually do:


Taken looking north with the Gentofte Mountains in the background


Source: Google Maps

With Copenhagen being this warm in November, just wait until February comes!

People in Aalborg are not fans of the warmer temperatures in Copenhagen. Their argument is similar to those during the Summer Months, when many Danes go on vacation in the warmer climes of the Mediterranean. One week or two in the sweaty south is enough for most Danes, who aren’t accustomed to long periods of higher temperatures and sunny days like their counterparts in Copenhagen.

I don’t know, but I guess I’ve adapted to the Far North of Denmark with many cold and inhospitable days to come.


A part of me longs for scenes like this one, with nothing but white and cold to look forward to…..

…not being one of those Fun and Sun residents of Copenhagen, that is…..