Telling Time in Copenhagen

Some of you might be thinking? Is this a No-Brainer, or what?

No, of course not! This is your way, being a tourist in a Foreign Country, to tell time the same way that the natives do.

Telling Time is not done the same way in Copenhagen, as it is in the rest of the world, except in Kenya. The Danes have developed a unique way of doing this, that will make some of you stand up in your seats and cheer the Brave Danes of Copenhagen, while others will wonder just what they had been sniffing when that idea was thought up?

Look at this clock, and you might begin to get the idea:


See what I mean? It is actually not turned the right way, but it will be in the next photo:


See what I mean now? Time has not changed, but the angle at which it is read, changes your perspective on what time it might have been.

We’ll try again:


You see what I mean? No? Well, it seems that time in Copenhagen is never synchronized with the rest of the world. Clocks are adjusted for this phenomena, by appearing out of focus, twisted on their sides, or not filling the whole picture frame.

Just bad photography? No. This is how the Danes, especially the ones living in Copenhagen, have decided to do things, regardless of how the rest of the world would like it to be!

Take Kenya. They tell time from 6am which is the same as our midnight. 7am is the same as 1 o’clock, and so on, until 6pm when it starts all over again.



They can do that being so close to the Equator, where day and night always have the same length.

Why start the day at Midnight? Who has egg on their face here, you might ask?

Well, the Danes of Copenhagen are nobody’s fools, which shows you why they would like to go it on their own, similar to, but not really like their Brothers in Arms in Kenya.



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  1. I really like that Swahili(an) clock! Brought back souvenirs about Mbongo Pongopongo…. Although I am pretty sure he didn’t come from there… Was it Bostwana? 😉


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