Things You Didn’t Know About Denmark

Close your eyes. Think warm and balmy. Where are you at? Southern France?

Nope. Copenhagen in February.


Source: Google

Look at these pictures. See the similarities? A lot of people travel to Copenhagen in February, because they have likened it to Southern France!

I really can’t see any difference between the 2 places, other than some of the funny names on the left-hand map. When are they going to learn how to spell, some of you might be asking?

Close your eyes again. What are you thinking about this time? Girls in Bikinis, Sipping Pinot Noir along the Gulf of Lion, or sipping a glass of Aquavit in Nyhavn?

See what I mean? Those thoughts are the same!

So when you are considering a vacation to the warmer climes of Europe, remember Copenhagen in February!

-And you heard it here first!!!


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