Street Talking in Copenhagen

Now that you’ve enjoyed the local nightlife of Copenhagen, you are probably wondering just what those Danes are really saying to each other?

It’s not only pure Danish, that they are using to communicate with other Danes, but a mixture of Danish + Urban Speak, common to this northerly corner of Europe.

I’ve dug down underneath the permafrost layer of this great city to bring you the down and dirty language of those “Copenhageners”.

  • Jyder (Yoo-der) – a slang term for an uncouth group of Danes, whose only distinguishing cultural characteristics include: Trailer hitches and empty motorways.
  • Vesterbro – a known term for residents of Copenhagen, regardless of where they live. Vesterbro means Copenhagener, without them being called “resident of Copenhagen” which any boob in his right mind, knows that there aren’t any Copenhageners, whatsoever!
  • Jylland (Yoo-Land) – yet another slang term for an outlying area of Denmark. It is also a warning to those “true residents” who have decided to risk life and limb, in order to travel out to the “Boonies” for excitement and challenging cultural differences!
  • Fulde Svenskere – (Foole + Sven+sker) – This term might just apply to everyone, who is considered a foreigner in Copenhagen. Jyders (first term) might also be in this classification, but for reasons of simplification, they will be grouped together with “Drunken Swedes”.
  • Er De Forvirret? – (are dee for+vire+it) Plainly speaking this would mean “Are you confused?”, which might be heard in the buses and other means of transport, when all Non-Copenhageners address other hapless travelers. The use of the polite form “De” is an obvious insult, showing everyone else, than Copenhageners, that they are considered to be less worthy of existing in Copenhagen, then its true residents!

For those of you uncomfortable with this form of “Insider Danish” then I would recommend that you take my Course in Cultural Understanding: “Danish for Beginners” instead.

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to use these new tools, then there should not be anything else stopping you from attacking those “Copenhageners” where they live!

Remember, breaking and entering is still a crime, and won’t be accepted no matter how much “Street Smarts”, you think, you’ve attained……..