The New Jersey of Copenhagen

This blog could have so many other titles: The Garden State, the other Bay City, but it just doesn’t! Here is why:


Source: Google Maps

Under Copenhagen across the water lies Amager. Amager suffers unfortunately from what I would call the “New Jersey Effect” which has to do with a lesser known (and lesser loved) location being closer to a more known, and more loved location like Copenhagen!

Confused? Well that seems to occur rather often in my blogs, but I’ll try to explain myself out of this one at all costs.

Why is the City of Oakland allowed to be in the Bay Area across from San Francisco, CA? Well, to hold up the other end of the Bay Bridge! – A common joke in San Francisco


Source: Google Maps

This implies that San Francisco is more worth of being in the Bay Area than Oakland.

The same is true of New Jersey:


Source: Google Maps

New Jersey will always be in the shadow of New York City, regardless of it being called “The Garden State” or not. New Jersey is often the “Butt” of jokes coming from New York, just as Oakland suffers from its relationship with San Francisco.

“Are you going to San Francisco”, that famous song from the 60s, doesn’t mention Oakland’s contribution to the whole, but that type of prejudice just continues on in Scandinavia as well with:

Amager. Amager does possess Christianshavn, which started out as a military area, then was populated by squatters, then became famous for “Pusher Street”.

See where this blog is heading? No? Do I really need to use more Screen Shots from Google Maps?

Here is a blog about Amager:

I am afraid after all of the color photos have been forgotten, and the flashy descriptions have gone the way of my memory, then there still will be the stigma of Amager, being less worthy of being allowed in the vicinity of Copenhagen at all. Amager should almost align itself with those other “throw-away” cities/areas in the world, who still suffer from being in the “shadow” of their more famous relatives.

When visiting Amager, perhaps on Tour Number 19 – The Garden Isle, then I would like you to leave your prejudices back at the Hotel Room (in Copenhagen) and enjoy Amager for its charms and differences.

Ask anyone in Copenhagen!!