Palm Trees in Copenhagen – The Sequel

Sorry about that Palm Tree blog. I guess, when you travel as much as I do, there can be photo mix ups from time to time.

Here are my photos from Copenhagen:


Notice the symmetry of the Palm Trees! These Danes don’t leave anything to chance. Oh another interesting thing to remember is how to straddle the while lines on the roads. If you notice how in the first photo, the driver has mastered this practice, while the photo underneath, the driver still has a way to go.

It might be due to the presence of Palm Trees in February that have made more than a few drivers tipsy with their driving? I must admit that I too have had difficulties staying on the road after hugging so many Palm Trees.

Here is another shot to whet your appetite!lithas-camera-first-memory-card-175

Dang! I hate it, when that happens. Young girls in shorts covering up my hug! I guess, I’ll have to dig down in my photo collection to find the correct photo!

What? Some of you might ask am I doing in Copenhagen in February? Well, that is where it is happening, with…..what? Photos from Southern California?

Don’t you think that this blog has any credibility whatsoever? Southern California?

Poppycock! This is the Real Copenhagen!

Why is the same woman in the photo once again? Haven’t you heard about Stalkers? I have the feeling that one of them from Montréal doubles as a Stalker, but that is, as they say, another story.

I might just windsurf over to Copenhagen one day to show my pretty face in Balmy Scandinavia! Living in the Far North of Denmark, the temperature isn’t as temperate as in Copenhagen.


Pulling your leg? I wouldn’t touch your leg, if I was a 10 foot pole!

Just being a 6 foot American……