Copenhagen Tour Number 56 – Revised

I am sorry to say that Copenhagen Tour Number 56 has had to be revised, due to circumstances beyond my control.

It seems that a group of radical elements, have taken the law into their own hands, having altered the nature of one of my most famous tours: “Visiting Christiana’s Pusher Street.”

On 2nd September 2016 members of what I would call, “radical elements of the competitive travel industry in Copenhagen” took it upon themselves to destroy one of Denmark’s most enduring landmarks.

We’ve seen this type of wanton vandalism before when person or persons unknown, sawed off the head of the Little Mermaid Statue, or Spray-painted the Jelling Stone. (

A number of the trip participants who have waited some years to realize their fondest dreams of this tour, have expressed their unbelief that someone would do such a dastardly act, and remove one of Denmark’s oldest institutions using hammers and chainsaws?

I have tried to conduct this tour all the same, passing out “almost legal” paraphernalia, with an enclosed note “for educational use only” in order to “Save the Day” for this time-honored trip.

Some of you might want to remember “The Good Old Days” by lighting a, well let’s just call it an organic candle” in quiet remembrance of this once famous location in Copenhagen. If you choose to do so, then I would advise you to form a crowd while doing so, then move away, using your “crowd” as a cover, in case any of those undesirable elements (often disguised as Policemen) might approach you in a threatening way.

Remember, when the tour is over, I would please ask all of you to extinguish your “organic candles” before re-entering the bus, and disavow any, or all knowledge of how this “candle” came into your possession, if asked at any time, during your stay in Copenhagen.

If all goes well, you will be saving money on your evening refreshments, due to that lingering feeling of “well-being” after a pleasant day in Christiana.

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