On a Mission

You’ve probably heard that line before? The Blues Brothers? Hello, Isn’t there anyone over 21 years old out there?

It doesn’t really matter, I guess. I wouldn’t want to be so bold to say that I’m on a Mission from God, but if you feel that typifies my latest series of blogs on “Cop______n” then more power to you.

Missing letters? Yes. that is true. I guess a few of my readers, especially one in Canada, as objected to my use of “enhage” in one two many blogs about the subject! Helt ærligt, she usually says (Frankly) are you really interested in furthering the cause about telling the truth about Denmark’s Capital, or are you just funning with your readers?

I’m happy that some of you out there are wide awake, keeping me on the straight and narrow! I was starting to wonder if some of you pressed “Like” the minute I posted a blog, or was it just my imagination that you did? Anyway, if you are looking for my interpretation of the truth about København (the Danish Name), then you’ve come to the right place. I say, my interpretation, because we all see things differently, making my interpretation just as valid as yours.

“What if we come to Kbh (Danish Abbr.) in February, and it is not at all like you’ve written about?”

Another valid argument, which I won’t do too much about dispelling. I could have used words like “perhaps” or, “i alle sandsynlighed” (in all probability) to cover my back side in case of the snowstorm/ice storm/ big freeze of 2017, but that would take away all of the charm and mystery of visiting Djævleøen (Devil’s Island – Slang for the island of Zealand), and its Capital City, Merchants’ Harbour (meaning of the Danish Name).

Until the Danish Constabulary shows up at my doorstep, accusing me of the misuse of the word, then I guess, I’ll just continue telling the world about this City.

Everything being in my opinion, of course…..


Christiansborg Palace – Seat of Danish Parliament