Crooked Castles in Copenhagen

I mean, what wouldn’t some people do in Copenhagen? Climb a Church Tower, or fall off the roof of the National Bank, just to get attention?

The last time, I was in Copenhagen, I saw this Castle:


Can you see how it is leaning to the right? If you can’t, then this blog is too advanced for you!

This is one of those places in Copenhagen, where you won’t want to miss visiting. Just through the entrance to the left, there is a shop selling magnetic shoes (and Red Hot Dogs), which will enable you to visit this, most likely the most rarest building, in Scandinavia.

Here is another view:


Now do you see, what I mean?

I get dizzy just looking at this photo. Why Crooked Castle, you might ask? Well, I feel that Crooked Castles are better than Crooked Politicians, don’t you?

Crooked Castles are stop Nr. 15 on my Fun and Sun in Copenhagen Tour in February 2017.

Those Italians have bragged about their own tower for years now, but did theirs have Royalty living there? I think not, and they most certainly did not own magnetic shoes in 1173!

I tell you, I’m getting more sold on Copenhagen as an interesting place, than ever before. I’ve even tried convincing my wife of that fact, but she just suggested that “I took a flying leap at a rolling donut!”

Those Crazy Danes and their time honored sayings. You just gotta love um!………….